Dads Nationwide Celebrate Beginning of Thermostat Watching Season

Originally Published by The Classic Dad

Dads across the nation have officially announced the start of thermostat watching season. As the temperatures get lower and lower as winter arrives, dads will be putting in overtime to make sure that no one touches the thermostat, no matter how cold they claim to be. “Oh, yeah, this is the calm before the storm,” Andrew Anders of Columbus, Ohio, told reporters. “There are still a few warm days left, but as soon as it gets chilly, we’ve got to be alert.”

“Yeah, this is the time when dads have to keep both eyes open at all times,” claimed Henry Wendell, who has four daughters that, in his own words, “constantly try to mess with the dang thermostat.”

Dads across the nation report that, with the official start of thermostat watching season, they will change their tactics. This may include only taking naps in the same room as the thermostat, or even setting up security cameras to deter potential knob-turners.

“It takes a lot of effort to be vigilant 24-7,” Anders claimed. “But considering how we make sure we’re not paying a penny more than necessary on heat? Well, that’s what makes it worth it.”

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